The principles of compound interest are at the core of what we do.


A confluence of factors coming together in an organized manner to create a force, subtle at first, that through discipline, persistence, agility, and fortitude can shape powerful outcomes over time.

These principles apply to decisions made with financial capital – but also relationships, raising children, athletics, building a business, and most any important aspect of life.

A river’s headwaters serve as a powerful example of how compound interest works - a confluence of tributaries, subtle at the start, persisting and grinding downstream to shape a landscape, a dynamic ecosystem, multiple communities, and an economy.

The headwaters for the James River begin in Iron Gate, Virginia and flow to the Chesapeake Bay. The James is one of the largest intrastate rivers in the country, a critical part of the Virginia economy, and a beautiful part of its landscape.

The inspiration for naming our firm Irongate Capital Advisors is rooted in the understanding that the advice we provide to corporations, families, and retirement plan participants is often at their financial headwater - the source point from which decisions made with surplus cash will either positively or negatively impact their economic independence. This is a critically important fiduciary role.

Through preparation, planning, and disciplined execution - we will work hard to ensure the power of compound interest works as a tailwind in helping you pursue your financial objectives.